The international lab diets & custom diets specialist

Who are we ?


An international trademark

SAFE (Scientific Animal Food & Engineering) designs, formulates and produces lab diets
and custom diets for the international research community.


With more than 45 years of experience and partnerships with the foremost research institutes, SAFE is an undisputed international reference.


The SAFE site is unique.
It is certified ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 9001, Codex alimentarius-HACCP, and GLP & GMP compliant, FDA Compliant. Entirely dedicated to the life sciences, it has a total product and packaging traceability system based on a baby-food manufacturing process.


SAFE receives daily support from a group, world leader in nutrition & animal health and strongly involved in research and development activities.



At SAFE, we are at the heart of the research process.



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What we do ?

Specific diets : a custom product offer

For each type of study and for each animal status, our products guarantee the
reliability and reproducibility of your results.



Custom diets

According to your needs, we tailor make the specific diet your study requires.
For example :
diet inducing diseases & phenotypes:
- Toxicology,
- Diabetes,
- Obesity,
- Cancer,
- Osteoporosis,
- Hypertension,
- Atheriosclerosis,
- Metabolic syndromes…
> purified and semi-purified diets,
> supplemented diets,
> high fat diets,...


Manufactured in a dedicated, high-precision workshop, their dietary and sanitary quality is without question.
They are guaranteed to be free of cross contamination.


Laboratory diets

For conventional, heteroxenic, axenic and gnotoxenic animals.

For the security of your studies, all of our specific diets are:
- Free of cross contamination,
- Additive-free,
- GMO-free,
- Made with baby-food cereal ingredients.



Other services

SAFE distributes different types of sustainable-development bedding and hygiene products.


The SAFE ACADEMY is our international training module. People from more than 10 nationalities participate.
Why not you?


We can also provide you with consulting and recommendations as concerns formulation, nutritional architecture, study environments, scientific publications, etc.






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