SAFE has received official certification for its diets from the international organisation BUREAU VERITAS.

Above and beyond the ISO 9001 certification, this recognition of our products rewards SAFE's professionalism and know-how as regards diet, health and veterinary safety for the research world.

This is undeniable proof for our customers of our commitments, as well as the official certificate to use during your audits or internal procedures.

As all our diets and special diets have the same source of production, this certificate is valid worldwide.



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The entire list of recommended international standards (defining the HACCP system) is available on the Internet:

HACCP is an official, prevention-geared system which is based on scientific information (health, production, environment, etc.) It is an integral part of SAFE's quality and environmental management system.


The 7 key principles of the H.A.C.C.P. system are:

1. Risk Analysis

2. Determination of CCP (Critical Control Points)

3. Setting of thresholds for each CCP

4. Monitoring of CCP

5. Implementation of corrective measures

6. Controlling the entire system 

7. Creating complete records


Codex Alimentarius HACCP certification is concrete proof of our expertise.

It is SAFE's control of its critical points and each stage of production that allows us to certify the dietary, sanitary and veterinary quality of our diets to the scientific community.


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ISO 14001

Just like research, ISO 14001 certification is a continuous spiral of progress and enjoys strong recognition both from local authorities and at an international level.

The pharmaceutical industry, in addition to a number of toxicology centres, biomedical institutes, hospitals and universities, is already compliant with this standard.

More than 90% of ISO 14001 companies are dynamic and innovative, willing to challenge themselves and demonstrate good customer management.

The ISO 14001 standard, which was established by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), lays down the required rules for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

At SAFE, the ISO 14001 standard has allowed us to secure our industrial facilities and get our employees on board through a socially responsible and universally fulfilling company project.

It is the guarantee that SAFE protects and respects the environment through an eco-design-based plan: from the design of our diets and products up to delivery to your laboratories.

For example, analysis of our environmental impacts includes the use of our products in your labs and animal houses.

What could previously have been seen as a constraint has now become automatic.

For you, it is a strong commitment, unquestionable proof of our success in creating
a sustainable partnership with you for your studies.


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ISO 9001



Obtaining this certification demonstrates our ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

It is proof of our customer satisfaction approach, and implementation of continuous improvement in SAFE.


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FDA compliant

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The French Research and Education Ministery renewed the Agreement related to SAFE's commitments in Research, available until 2019.



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