Quality charter

SAFE, at the heart of the research process.


Concerning diets, the important
thing is not what you see (type of diets, colour..),

but what you don't see!


What "you don't see" is, for example, the digestibility of each ingredient in the recipe, nutritional balance, undesirable substances (mycotoxins, pollutants, doping agents such as morphine, phytoestrogens, drug type products, radioactivity, etc.).

Health and veterinary risks must naturally be added to these.

Failure to control one or more of these factors may lead to the animal having physiological or zootechnical disorders (e.g. hair loss in rodents, modification of weight development, prolificacy, behaviour, etc.).

As well as genetic factors, diet is a key element in obtaining a constant animal phenotype and hence reliable, repeatable biomedical studies.

This level of requirement for laboratory diets cannot be met by a multipurpose,
multi-activity diet production site.

SAFE therefore built an ISO 9001 certified industrial site at Augy (France), totally dedicated to the research sector (SAFE does not produce farm, zoo, or pet diets).

By definition, SAFE diets are free of any cross-pollution from diets for farm animals, zoos and pets.

They are also free of the undesirable substances they contain: drug type products, additives, colorants, flavouring, preservatives, antifungals, surfactants..


Agro-industrials (farm, zoo, pet) use this substances as a standard practice.

Take care, like disruptive factors, this undesirable substances can really interfer with your animals research studies.

At SAFE, this common practice is completely prohibited.


SAFE does not use cereals for farm animals but only cereals used for baby food which are perfectly traced and safe.

For your safety, SAFE manages the entire production line without using industrial subcontractors (source of breaks in traceability and constancy, health & vet risks).

Our system of traceability is total (upstream-downstream/downstream-upstream), and all production data are stored for 12 years.

These major points show that SAFE diets are an indisputable guarantee of reliability for your studies wich are reproductible over time.

All our information can be verified by audit whenever you wish.


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Our assets

  • The official products certification by Bureau Veritas International.
  • A team and a new industrial site specifically dedicated to the production of diets for laboratory animals throughout the world.
  • A site which is unique in Europe (Augy-France), ISO 9001 certified, free of sources of cross-contamination: no pollution with animals destined for other species, no drug products or active substances.
  • No subcontracting: diets in pellets produced and packed at Augy for total quality control of your supplies.
  • No deliveries to commercial animal units (pigs, poultry) or zoos, no dissemination of health and veterinary risks.
  • Specific logistics adapted to each customer.
  • Scientific support from the Invivo group Research and Development Centre.


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Our acts

1. Diet which is constant, traced and safe, in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) requirements and the animals' needs.
2. Use of cereals used for Baby Food and selected ingredients for laboratory activities.
3. Production data archived for 12 years.
4. All plastic pallets cleaned and disinfected.