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In laboratory animal science, the nutritional factor is crucial. It has to be reliable and constant, so as to preclude any drift from your protocols. In SAFE, this is something we’ve well understood for a long time and that’s why we concentrate all our efforts, without making any compromise, on providing you the highest and safest quality diet solutions for research. This is SAFE’s level of commitment.

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Custom diet

The Custom Diet department of SAFE has received all the Food and Health accreditations. This division is supervised by a pharmacist and a team of specialized engineers and scientists. With more than 55 years’ experience, and recognized leadership, SAFE formulates and produces Special Research Diets for the international scientific communit . Diet induced disease phenotypes: Cancer, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Toxicology, Metabolic syndrome,…

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As Lab animal Bedding specialist, SAFE selects premium products (poplar, spruce,…), often coming from a renewable source and PEFC Certified.
In agreement with its strict quality commitments, SAFE offers you, bedding, 100 % natural with:
• Stable physicochemical properties,
• A stable and homogeneous presentation,
• A minimal dust level.
SAFE beddings offer the animal a comfortable, safe and natural environment. They absorb liquids and odors and help the cage cleaning process.
All SAFE beddings are available with special conditioning, vacuum packed, ionized, upon request.

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Respecting the regulation in force (European Directive 2010/63) regarding the well-being of animals, SAFE offers you a whole range of environmental enrichment products in various forms : structurally, in terms of nutrition and in terms of handling…
These products stimulate the animal’s natural instincts and encourage it to nest, to gnaw, to chew, to explore and play. By promoting activity and natural exercise, the manifestation of abnormal, aggressive or apathetic behaviour is thus reduced.
All the enrichments are available in conditioned packaging, customised, vacuum-sealed or ionised, on request.

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Our packaging meets your needs and sanitary concerns. There are several possible solutions, among which you’ll fnd single and double paper bag, paper bag in a plastic pouch, boxed vacuumed-packed. All solutions have an “easy open” design and are marked with the traceability and product information. Diets are packed in 10,5 or 1 kg.

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