SAFE realises, formulates and manufactures diets and special diets for animals, in the world of biomedical research, in France and internationally.

From ingredient selection to customer delivery, SAFE masters the full process and commits on its products and services quality. This valuable know how allows SAFE to control and prevent food and sanitary risks and thus provide stable and safe diets all through your protocols.

Leader – Worldwide network

With over 55 years of solid experience, SAFE, is a world leader specialized in laboratory animal diets for the pharmaceutical industry and is present right across the board in the professional world of research. SAFE is an independentFrench company and aims to be your partner worldwide in order to follow your protocol wherever they are localized. SAFE is actively engaged in over 25 countries through a broad dealer’s network and over 400 direct customers.


SAFE, complies with National and International regulations and Guide-lines and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP certifed. The SAFE facility, in Augy (south of Paris, near Chablis region) is unique in Europe. Among the most recent plants, it benefts from the latest technologies in the industry. All our Quality Assurance SOP are related to the GMP and GLP requirements. A SAFE Quality Charter gives you all the guarantees you need on several of our specifc commitments.

Customer services

SAFE is a responsive and customer-oriented company. A Technical support of Nutritionists can provide you with the necessary information and advice on SAFE standard or custom diets. Customer service can support you in all the administrative and supply chain aspects.

Supply chain

In order to secure the supply chain management and secure the delivery to your lab, SAFE can deliver directly to your facility or organize a buffer storage to ensure diets availability in a short time. SAFE secure your being provided with a minimal storage of the diets you’re using. All our supply chain partners are chosen for their efficienc , sanitary management and customer satisfaction skills.


SAFE Holds an ISO14001 certification, every action planned in the plant considers – and tries to reduce our environmental impact. Moreover, in SAFE we follow social and ethic principles.

R&D and Training

The SAFE R&D department is located in the facility. Its focus is on innovating and developing solutions required by our customers and bettering constancy, quality and monitoring the existing processes and products. The SAFE scientifc team takes part in some LAS training in vet schools or universities taking care of the “diet factor”. Some training is also organized upon demand on our customers sites or in the SAFE facility.


SAFE does not compromise to provide the best quality diet for the success of the biomedical research protocols. Dedicated certified plan to the Lab animal diet production (no farms, zoos, nor pet food). High quality ingredient sourcing, all SAFE diets are Baby Food straw cereal-based. No GMO ingredients used.  No use of undesirable substances for research applications (drugs, artificial pigments, preservative agents, etc…). GMP and GLP relevant SOP. Traceability, analytical compliance and cross-contamination prevention are unique in the industry. SAFE diets have 1 to 2 years shelf life. Homogeneous irradiation process. SAFE certified diet comply to more than 162 criteria.

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The Custom Diet department of SAFE has received all the Food and Health accreditations. This division is supervised by a pharmacist and a team of specialized engineers and scientists. With more than 55 years’ experience, and recognized leadership, SAFE formulates and produces Special Research Diets for the international scientific communit . Diet induced disease phenotypes: Cancer, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Toxicology, Metabolic syndrome,…

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SAFE also propose a wide range of bedding and enrichment products: Spruce, Aspen, Corn Cob, Cellulose… (Irradiated and/or Vacuum Packed). A strict selection of the best product is done according to strict specifcations. Beddings are non GMO. Wood products are coming from an environment certifed chain. Products are controlled on reception. This activity is also dedicated to the lab animal business (no horses, farm or zoo beddings) in order to secure your supply. Analytical results available on demand.

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